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Memorial and Katy Vein Center, Inc.
Welcome to Memorial and Katy Vein Center

Memorial and Katy Vein Center is pleased to introduce a revolutionary technology for the treatment of varicose and spiders veins in the West Houston area.  

Nearly 50 percent of the adult population suffers from undesirable, sometimes painful vein diseases.  Many people inherit vein disorders, and the incidence is higher in women than men.  The most common forms are spider veins (small blue or red vessels visible within the skin, usually on the leg, face, neck or chest) and varicose veins (dilated and ropy appearing blue vessels visible under the skin, often a ¼ inch or larger in diameter).

Lasers have revolutionized the treatment of cosmetic problems – and today are used for a variety of treatments.  The highly unique, FDA-cleared D940 laser system is now being used at Memorial and Katy Vein Center to gently eliminate both spider and varicose veins.

Varicose veins typically cause pain, fatigue and swelling – and sometimes even more serious complications.  Until recently, the removal of varicose veins required the actual stripping of the vein – a surgical procedure that requires a hospital stay, a painful recovery and possible scarring from incisions and post-operative infections.

Now, using the D940 laser, Memorial and Katy Vein Center, is removing varicose veins during a single, minimally invasive procedure performed right in the office.  Many insurance carriers cover the endovenous procedure based on medical necessity.

For spider veins, the D940 laser system produces a highly unique wavelength, which safely passes through the skin and is selectively absorbed by the targeted blood vessel.  The vein will then gradually disappear, leaving the skin intact.  Men, women and children, including light and dark pigmented individuals, can be successfully treated.  Side effects are uncommon and usually mild, including a slight redness for a few days following treatment.


Vein Disorders

Varicose veins are often enlarged and, overtime, appear ropy under the skin. This enlargement is caused by incompetent or leaking valves known as venous reflux disease, which can also lead to symptoms including pain, swelling, aching in the legs, and skin disorders.  

Treatment methods vary based on the type of vein and the presence of venous reflux disease.  Diagnosis is based upon an ultrasound scan and visual inspection.  Your physician will determine if you are a candidate for treatment with the D940 laser, based upon the severity of the symptoms and the diagnosis.


Vein Disorders
State-of-the-Art Treatment for Varicose and Spider Veins

Non-Surgical Laser Vein Treatment and Sclerotherapy

  • Highly Effective
  • In-Office Procedure
  • No Hospitalization
  • 30 Minute Treatment Time
  • Resume Activities the Next Day
  • Minimal Discomfort
  • Proven Treatment
  • Little or No Side Effects
  • FDA Cleared
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